Design masters

In my recent team meetup in San Diego I had the opportunity to meet two design masters: John Maeda and Don Norman. John Maeda, the head of design at my company Automattic, knows Don Norman and he was able to organise a tour of the new design lab of Don Norman in the San Diego university….

O canto do passarinho

I recently found out about this Portuguese restaurant in Edinburgh so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you this is an authenticate Portuguese restaurant with a lot of traditional Portuguese dishes and drinks. The manager is Portuguese and beside cooking he also sings Fado. I had a francesinha that is a…

Five years in the UK

It feels it was yesterday when I arrived at London Heathrow for the beginning of a new phase of my life. After thirty years living in Portugal I decided to move to the UK,  two months after my wife Inês and my daughter Sara joined me. In the last 5 years, my experience has been…

Cafe Class

  Great place to work with loads of healthy food options, good coffee and a solid Wifi.


Good pub restaurant with good food and and an excellent choice of craft beers, they even have Blue Moon!!!! Book a table ahead during weekends.

Dai Pai

This is a new place that open up in Edinburgh. It’s speciality it’s oriental food having a selection of buns, sushi and sushirito( think sushi sized has a burrrito). That combined with good coffee  , loads of place and some power plugs make it an excellent place to co-work. The only downside is that the…

The Chocolate Tree

An excellent place for chocolate lovers, one of the best place in town to have a real hot chocolate. They have up to 5 different varieties of chocolate going up to 92% cocoa!While the chocolate is amazing I don’t recommend this place for extensive co-work because of the lack of tables and power plugs, it’s…

Organic Sulphite Free Wine

If you like to drink wine but find out that you have big headaches because of the sulphites try this excellent South African Cabernet Sauvignon. Besides being sulphite free, organic and fair trade it also tastes good :).