Today I decided to try Codebase, the UK biggest startup incubator, for some co-work. They offer an hot desk option for £10 a day and a monthly option for £50 a month with unlimited access during a month.

The hot desk space as you can see in the photos bellow is ample and bright but the desk and chairs are not the most comfortable for a full day of work.

WiFi is solid and there is lot of electric plug to recharge.

When I arrived it was pretty empty but it got pretty busy after 10am.

In terms of food there is only some vending machines and the option to buy coffee and some cakes from Filament coffee. While the coffee is very good there could be some free coffee for the price it’s being paid.

Another perk is a ping pong table and fuzball while they are fun to play it can be a bit disturbing if you want to focus.

In the end I was not convinced, it’s a good enough place to work but for 10 pounds you can go to one of good cafes in the area, get good WiFi better seating and still get some food.