A weekend in Glenshee

This weekend we decide to give a try to one of the ski resorts in Scotland: Glenshee. We were not lucky with the weather, it rained and was very windy, and only managed to do a bit of sledging, but the views were great. One of the highlights of the weekend was our accommodation, ecocamp…

Victor Hugo Lounge

Some time ago I wrote about Victor Hugo, a nice cafe with views to the meadows. The other day I pass by again and notice that it had a new space called Victor Hugo lounge. I decide to give it another look, and for my surprise they solve two of the main issues they had…

Urban Cafe

A nice café com inside the Hamptons hotel. Good food and solid WiFi.

Foxy cup

Me and my daughter Sara went to Doodles last Monday, here is the end result:


Considerit is a new place just in front of Summerhall, specialised in donuts!!! They are all freshly done in the premises and the flavours rotate from time to time. The coffee, provided by Steampunk, it’s really good, there’s is plenty of seats, wifi is available and there’s is lots of power plugs. An excellent alternative…

New year new bike: Trek Roscoe 8

When my Kona bike was stollen in London I was limited to use my old Wheeler, and while it is a great bike for the road it’s not great for the trails and downhills. Automattic, my current company, offers the cycle scheme vouchers to its workers in the UK so I finally decided to invest…

Edinburgh New Year Day Triathlon

The best way to start 2018? Challenging yourself to do new thing! So I did the Edinburgh New Year Triathlon and it was a great experience, hope to do it in the following years!