Jury duty


Today was for the first time since I’m in the UK I was selected to do jury duty on the Edinburgh’s Sheriff Court.

While I wasn’t selected for the jury of any trial I was able to see how the process works.

You first get a letter saying that you were selected for jury duty and need to present yourself at certain day and time in a court.

On that day you go to the court, get registered in, and wait to be called for any trial that needs a jury. There where more than 60 persons in my room.

The day I went only one trial needed a jury so after a while we where called in to the court, and the case was presented by the judge.

After that there was a random selection process of 15 persons from the jury duty to be part of the jury.

Then the judge asks to the selected ones if there is any reason for them not be jury’s on the case, they must not know anyone involved in the case and/or witness the crime.

If all is ok, they take an oath or promise and the trial starts.

I wasn’t selected at this point but I really liked the experience and thought that the judge used an language that was easy to understand for everyone and the process was well streamlined.

The only downside is that if you are selected to be the jury you need to be present there everyday until the trials ends.

The trial was open so I could stay and continue the see the proceedings but like everyone else I left for my day of work.