Web Summit 2021

Web Summit was back to Lisbon after being cancelled last year. It felt really strange to be in a big event with 40000 people around.!

I hope this one of many and we can go back to normal soon.

About the event itself was great to see some local heroes : Olympic medalists Patricia Mamona and Fernando Pimenta and our COVID 19 vaccination coordinator Almirante Gouveia e Mello.

Facebook (meta) got a lot of heat and was funny to see that for every presentation trashing them there was a follow up presentation from Facebook employees trying to defend themselves.

John Maeda gave a good presentation about technology and fear and how we can improve on that.

Lots os crypto and fintech companies around it looks they are to stay. I hope NFTs are gone this time next year, just a scam that can taint the all industry.

Let’s hope next year we can get an event without any Covid restrictions!