Hello my name is Sérgio and I’m a father, husband and remote worker.

I love to bodyboard, read, ride my bike, run, cook, code and travel around the world.

My motto is:

Tourist come home with souvenirs,
Explorers return with stories.


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  1. Sean Jackson says:

    Sergio, I was one of the owners of StudioPress that we sold to WP Engine and good friends with Brian Gardner and Nathan Rice. I have a question about the Aztec iOS Editor. Is it possible to change a list to a checkbox and strikeout on touch? If so, what is the best way to enable that and can you help? Currently, the OL and UL tags work fine but altering the UL to checkboxes that can be selected and struck would be beneficial. Your expertise is appreciated and feel free to reach out to me directly.

    1. At the moment this is not supported on Aztec.
      This will need some changes on the way lists are managed and draw. I recomend to you to open an issue on the Github repository for Aztec and we will try see what will be the priority for that change.

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