Natural Selection

A great exhibition about birds nests and all the different ways birds do their nests. The photo above is an human sized reproduction of a nest that a bird does only to show off to a partner.

Little Death Club

Yesterday Inês and I went to see a cabaret show, Little Death Club, at the Fringe festival. The presenter was a brilliant show woman, she started the show by conviction three audience members to cuddle her and then carry her on stage, just hilarious. The majority of acts where amazing, with special mentions for the…


My Summer holidays this year were in Sardinia and I loved it! Contrary to my expectations the island is still very underdeveloped and there is a lot of beautiful natural places to enjoy. The food is amazing and people are very friendly.

National Railway Museum

On the last day of our visit to York, we decided to see the National Railway Museum just next to the York train station. It’s an excellent museum and if you like trai s like me you are in for a treat. I specially enjoyed to see the old royal trains, that was true luxury!


We went for York and it’s an excellent destination for an weekend escapade . The city is very walkable with a lots to do a see and s you can see from the photos below the weather was excellent! We saw the York Minster, the Shambles, the Viking museum on the first day, on the…

A weekend in Glenshee

This weekend we decide to give a try to one of the ski resorts in Scotland: Glenshee. We were not lucky with the weather, it rained and was very windy, and only managed to do a bit of sledging, but the views were great. One of the highlights of the weekend was our accommodation, ecocamp…

Foxy cup

Me and my daughter Sara went to Doodles last Monday, here is the end result: