A weekend in Glenshee

This weekend we decide to give a try to one of the ski resorts in Scotland: Glenshee. We were not lucky with the weather, it rained and was very windy, and only managed to do a bit of sledging, but the views were great. One of the highlights of the weekend was our accommodation, ecocamp…

Foxy cup

Me and my daughter Sara went to Doodles last Monday, here is the end result:

Downtown Lisbon

After years and years of construction work downtown Lisbon is finally looking great!


This year the A8C Christmas dinner was in Glasgow, and funny enough after two years living in Scotland I’ve never visited Glasgow before! I really enjoyed the city and a nice night out with my colleagues. Next day I still had some time to see a little bit of the city before popping back in…


Today I went to visit the small village of Peebles. Has you can see by the phots it’s a beautiful village near the river Tweed and with the Autumns colours it even looks better. Lunch at Coltmans, the best sausage roll I haver had! Followed up by hot chocolate at Cocoablack!

O canto do passarinho

I recently found out about this Portuguese restaurant in Edinburgh so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you this is an authenticate Portuguese restaurant with a lot of traditional Portuguese dishes and drinks. The manager is Portuguese and beside cooking he also sings Fado. I had a francesinha that is a…

An afternoon in Belém

A great afternoon spent  going to Belém using the boat from Porto brandão. After a visit to the Coches museum, recovered with some pastéis and saw a great sunset near the river waiting for the boat to come back.