Yesterday I celebrated my 40th birthday by opening a bottle of 1977 vintage port. It was well worth the wait, good things take time…

One of the best things I ever bought

This morning I went for a bike ride, and while going up Arthur Seat I realised that I own this bike for more than twenty years!!! I bought it after my first year at university, with the money from my summer jobs. It was my ride to go to uni, up going up and down…

Edinburgh Marathon

For 2017 I decided to challenge myself and run the Edinburgh Marathon. My biggest continuous run until now was the Lisbon Half-Marathon in 2010, so this is a big step up! The marathon will be on the 28th of May, I’ve been training for some months, but still need to keep it doing it hard if…

Five years in the UK

It feels it was yesterday when I arrived at London Heathrow for the beginning of a new phase of my life. After thirty years living in Portugal I decided to move to the UK,  two months after my wife Inês and my daughter Sara joined me. In the last 5 years, my experience has been…

Cult Espresso

Just found another great place to work in Edinburgh, it has good internet connection, excellent coffee options and some decent food for the breaks. The crowd here is mainly students doing their assignments so it doesn’t get very loud. As you can see by the photos it has some interesting Star Wars decoration. I will…


A great cafe with excellent vegetarian food, good coffee and decent internet. Can get very busy at launch time so get there early in the day. 

Summerhall Cafe 

Summerhall is a art centre in South Edinburgh and the cafe inside is one of the best places to work  in the city. Good wifi some power plugs available, excellent food and coffee. It can be a bit loud sometimes but there is always something new to see inside.

Victor Hugo

Victor has excellent food options with a lot of different options and it also has very good coffee with it’s own blend. The downside is the it doesn’t have wifi and no power plugs around so bring your own wifi! Alas in the summer the outdoor tables could be tempting!

Machina Espresso

A small specialised  coffee cafe with good Wifi connection and some power plugs available. It has a lot of options in terms of coffee but not that much in terms of food.