Imperial Palace

Great Chinese restaurant with very good dim sums and dumplings.

Waterstones Princes street

Even after three years Edinburgh can still surprise me with a new place! Today I went to return a book for my daughter in Waterstones Prices street when I saw the image below. For my amazement they have a great cafe on the 2nd floor with an amazing view. Combine that with WiFi, power plugs,…

El Piano

Amazing vegetarian restaurant in York, highly recommended!

Summer Food

Gaspacho Algarvio with Mackerel and Tuna salad, the perfect company for the sunny weather.

Falafel Prophecy

Today after my Yoga class I saw this card in one of the notice boards. I was like where is this new place. It happens to be on the old Police box near the Pavilion. John the new owner started the business last Saturday after painting the police box all orange! As expected they serve…

The Milkman

The Milkman is a nice cosy place to have a great coffee and cake.

Edinburgh Larder

I really enjoyed The Larder restaurant so I decided to try out the coffee to see if it was in the same level. The quality of the food and coffee is top notch but as you can see from the photos the place is small so not good for big groups. The WiFi is good…

Brunch & Supper

For a while I’ve been planning to come to this place but the opportunity never presented itself. Yesterday I was in the area at lunch time so I decided to give it a go. It offers some excellent sandwiches, as you can see from the photo below, and it also has breakfast burritos and some…