Bross bagels – Bruntsfield

A brand new addition to the Bruntsfield foodie scene , Bross Bagels is a new branch of the famous Portobello original, and the bagels are up to the same standards… delicious! While there is some seating inside it’s no very comfortable and without free WiFi it’s not the best place to cowork, so maybe best…

Beyond Burger

Today I went to Seeds for the Soul, a vegan café next to me, and was surprised to see in the menu a Burger! I asked the owner what was going on and they said they were selling beyond burgers a vegan alternative that tries to look and taste like meat. I have to say…

The refillery

A brand new shop in Newington Edinburgh that has a policy of no plastics. All products are sold in the quantity you need, just bring your own container fill it in and pay. The majority of products are also organic and great quality. Will be back for some refills.

Sugar Daddy

A brand new bakery in the center of Marchmont.

27 Elliot’s

A brand new cafe in the heart of Marchmont, it has amazing food, done by Jessica Elliot in the premises, excellent coffee and cosy environment. Join that to solid WiFi, some power plugs and comfortable seating and you have an excellent space to co-work. Coming back soon to try more options on the menu!