Watching the Chicago Bulls

Growing up in the 90’s one of my sports heroes and favourite team was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Last March I was in a work trip in Chicago and managed to get some tickets for the Chicago Bulls… who know is when I will get this chance again. P.S: Have you seen The…

Downtown Lisbon

After years and years of construction work downtown Lisbon is finally looking great!


This year the A8C Christmas dinner was in Glasgow, and funny enough after two years living in Scotland I’ve never visited Glasgow before! I really enjoyed the city and a nice night out with my colleagues. Next day I still had some time to see a little bit of the city before popping back in…

Design masters

In my recent team meetup in San Diego I had the opportunity to meet two design masters: John Maeda and Don Norman. John Maeda, the head of design at my company Automattic, knows Don Norman and he was able to organise a tour of the new design lab of Don Norman in the San Diego university….