Baby box

A great initiative from the Scottish government, the baby box is provided free to any baby that is born in Scotland. It provides the basics clothes and accessories for the first months of your baby, the box can even be used as a small cot.

Passed the Life in the UK test

Just passed the Life in the UK test, one more step to citizenship. You need to study to pass it but I just used the resources available for free in the site. Next step English language test.

Sair do Facebook – Leaving Facebook

Depois das recentes revelações sobre as fuga de informação no Facebook e modo como a mesma foi usada decidi apagar a minha conta de Facebook. Podem continuar a manter contacto através do site ou por email/telefone/mensagens. Se quiserem seguir o mesmo caminho esta opção está a um click de distância. After the recent revelations about…

Edinburgh New Year Day Triathlon

The best way to start 2018? Challenging yourself to do new thing! So I did the Edinburgh New Year Triathlon and it was a great experience, hope to do it in the following years!

Edinburgh Marathon – Finisher

  After 5 months of training, this Sunday was finally the race day. I was able to finish in 4h25m and I think for the first marathon was not a bad time. Besides finishing the race my main goal was to raise money for my daughter’s Sara playground. I managed to raise to £ 615. I…

Permanent resident

As I wrote before, I applied to the permanent residency in the UK a month and a half ago. I was expecting for the process to take 6 months, so it was with some surprise that I got a letter from the Home Office today confirming that I am now a permanent resident of the…

Edinburgh Marathon

For 2017 I decided to challenge myself and run the Edinburgh Marathon. My biggest continuous run until now was the Lisbon Half-Marathon in 2010, so this is a big step up! The marathon will be on the 28th of May, I’ve been training for some months, but still need to keep it doing it hard if…

Celebrating 10 Years of & Automattic

Originally posted on The Blog:
This year marks the 10th birthday of and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs. A quick bit of history: WordPress itself started as an open…