Left Field seafood platter

Left Field is a small restaurant in Edinburgh that as other restaurants in the UK was forced to close doors. To keep the business afloat they started to do take away food. We decided to give it a go this weekend and I can tell you their seafood platter is sensational!! The highlight for me…

Beyond Burger

Today I went to Seeds for the Soul, a vegan café next to me, and was surprised to see in the menu a Burger! I asked the owner what was going on and they said they were selling beyond burgers a vegan alternative that tries to look and taste like meat. I have to say…

Seeds for the Soul

Seeds for the Soul is a new 100% vegan cafe in the centre of Bruntsfield. The food is delicious and the coffee is excellent. Lots of comfortable seats, solid WiFi and plenty availability of power plugs make it an excellent place for co-work. Will be back soon to try more food 🥘!

Dumplings of China

A new addition to Tollcross restaurant scene, and the name says it all: great dumplings Chinese style. The soup was also great!!

Nº 1 The Grange

This restaurant had some great reviews so I decided to give it a try last weekend. The food was good, specially my Mexican mole with corn bread but we needed to wait for 50 minutes!!!! Luckily the restaurant recognised this, and offers us a 50% discount on our bill to redeem themselves. With that in…


A new cafe in Bruntsfield with vegetarian/vegan food. The food is great but the coffee not that much. WiFi is functional but there is not a lot of power plugs around so not the best place for co-work but great for lunch!

27 Elliot’s

A brand new cafe in the heart of Marchmont, it has amazing food, done by Jessica Elliot in the premises, excellent coffee and cosy environment. Join that to solid WiFi, some power plugs and comfortable seating and you have an excellent space to co-work. Coming back soon to try more options on the menu!

Imperial Palace

Great Chinese restaurant with very good dim sums and dumplings.

Waterstones Princes street

Even after three years Edinburgh can still surprise me with a new place! Today I went to return a book for my daughter in Waterstones Prices street when I saw the image below. For my amazement they have a great cafe on the 2nd floor with an amazing view. Combine that with WiFi, power plugs,…