Detour is a brand new cafe in an old location, it’s the third cafe I’ve know in the same location. As they said third time lucky, it was all the ingredients to succeed: excellent coffee, solid WiFi and lots of power plugs. This time I didn’t test the food but I will make sure I…


A new cafe in Bruntsfield with vegetarian/vegan food. The food is great but the coffee not that much. WiFi is functional but there is not a lot of power plugs around so not the best place for co-work but great for lunch!

Little Death Club

Yesterday Inês and I went to see a cabaret show, Little Death Club, at the Fringe festival. The presenter was a brilliant show woman, she started the show by conviction three audience members to cuddle her and then carry her on stage, just hilarious. The majority of acts where amazing, with special mentions for the…

The Trossachs

The family and I decided to do a mini break to celebrate a family birthday and we went to the Trossachs. I was amazed with the place, it’s just one hour away from Edinburgh but it feels very remote and the nature is just stunning around the area. It’s is as beautiful the Lake District…

27 Elliot’s

A brand new cafe in the heart of Marchmont, it has amazing food, done by Jessica Elliot in the premises, excellent coffee and cosy environment. Join that to solid WiFi, some power plugs and comfortable seating and you have an excellent space to co-work. Coming back soon to try more options on the menu!

Harry’s Southside Social

A new cafe in the south of town. It has a great space with lots of seating spread across two floors. The WiFi is pretty fast and stable and there are some power plugs around. The only downside was the food.. the sandwich I got was terrible I think it must have at least two…


My Summer holidays this year were in Sardinia and I loved it! Contrary to my expectations the island is still very underdeveloped and there is a lot of beautiful natural places to enjoy. The food is amazing and people are very friendly.

Imperial Palace

Great Chinese restaurant with very good dim sums and dumplings.

Waterstones Princes street

Even after three years Edinburgh can still surprise me with a new place! Today I went to return a book for my daughter in Waterstones Prices street when I saw the image below. For my amazement they have a great cafe on the 2nd floor with an amazing view. Combine that with WiFi, power plugs,…