Paternity Leave

Back in September 26th my third daughter, Lea, was born. Since then I’ve been enjoying the very generous paternity leave provided by my employer, Automattic. They offer six months of fully paid paternity leave to any employee that works in the company for more than one year, independently of their location in the world. This…

Bross Bagels

Whenever I go to Amsterdam I normally stop on a Bagels and Beans and eat a delicious bagel from them. Back in Edinburgh up until now I struggled to find a good bagel place. This all changed today when I went to Bross Bagels in Portobelo. They have delicious bagels catering for all different kind…

Natural Selection

A great exhibition about birds nests and all the different ways birds do their nests. The photo above is an human sized reproduction of a nest that a bird does only to show off to a partner.

Sugar Daddy

A brand new bakery in the center of Marchmont.