Shuggie Bain

Beautifully written, you real feel the love, pain and misery of the characters. A true eye opener about the issues of poverty and alcoholism.

GP da Arrábida

This weekend my friend João and I went for a trail run race in Arrábida. One particularity of this race is that one of the water stops had Moscatel wine to taste instead of water… we did our best Km times after that stop… maybe Red Bull should give it a look 🙂

Biking across the river

Went to meet some fellow Automatticians across the river in Lisbon and went for the bike…

Web Summit 2021

Web Summit was back to Lisbon after being cancelled last year. It felt really strange to be in a big event with 40000 people around.! I hope this one of many and we can go back to normal soon. About the event itself was great to see some local heroes : Olympic medalists Patricia Mamona…


Great place to eat vegan food at Costa da Caparica!! Staff is very friendly and there is good tables to work on your laptop.

Fluviário de Mora

Este fim-de-semana fomos visitar o Fluviário de Mora, o equivalente do Oceanário para rios. As miúdas adoram e ainda tivemos tempo de passear nos passadiços do Gameiro.